Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Floral mad hatter cake

I love the look of mad hatter cakes.
Most designs are very colourful and often used to add grandeur to a birthday celebration.
The mad hatter shape is one of the more difficult ones to create, because if it is not balanced properly, it won’t look right.

I created this very pretty Floral mad hatter cake design for the wedding of my dear friends, Michaela and Jay, last weekend. 

When I studied cake decorating, I always wanted to know how to sculpt a perfect mad hatter cake.
I tried all sorts of methods, but they just never looked right.
It was only when I worked for Sweet Art in Sydney I finally learnt how to sculpt the cake in the right manner.
It was still a hit and miss system for me at the start because it was rather complicated and did not make much sense to me.
Later working for Planet Cake I perfected the shape and since I had to teach this cake to advanced students, I designed an easy and logical method for anybody to follow and achieve the same wonderful structures I have created.

Here are the flowers I made
Roses, tuberoses, filler flowers, anemones, hydrangeas and two types of foliage.
To give my flowers a realistic look, I applied several different colouring techniques.
Tuber roses and anemones are dusted with petal dust.
The roses are made from coloured flower paste and lightened on each layer
The foliage and the hydrangeas are airbrushed and the small leaves are glazed as well.
The filler flowers are white with a tiny yellow centre.

The cake itself was covered with cream-coloured icing and the border is a white scalloped fondant strip, embellished with royal icing pearls.

They called me the mad hatter queen from the days I perfected the art of this cake. 
Nowadays there are lots of mad hatter queens out there. However, I do consider myself as the ‘queen mother’ of the mad hatter cake.

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  1. Hi Anna Maria. Beautiful work as always. Thank you for everything you taught me about cake decorating. You are also the queen of flowers. Good luck in your new adventure. Jackie Glasson